Our Philosophy

Our 360° philosophy of health, beauty and wellness is all encompassing; embracing all aspects of holistic health and beauty. We have assembled a highly qualified team of professionals, all of whom excel in their respective fields. These passionate professionals are on hand to engage you with thought-provoking concepts, breakthrough insights and practical advice; providing you with realistic goals that leave you inspired, encouraged and enlightened.

In keeping with international trends, we have moved beyond beauty and traditional luxury spa services such as massage, to promote a lifestyle that enhances overall well being, and includes alternative health treatments such as hydrotherapy, colour therapy and crystal healing – while still offering luxurious facials, manicures, pedicures and sumptuous body treatments – all designed to meet your specific needs.


Our logo captures the soul of Africa – the diamond symbolises the courage and strength of Africa and its wildlife, the moon represents the natural world, and the grey and white colouring is symbolic of calm, purity and serenity.