Deluxe Babor Facials

Deluxe Babor Facials

Babor brings nature and science together to create top-quality, hypo-allergenic products catering for all ages and skin types, ensuring long lasting and successful results you can both see and feel on your skin.

Classic Skinovage PX Facials

Anti-Ageing & Regenerating Facial: This intensive plant-based, fresh-cell treatment regenerates, strengthens and revitalises stressed skin, leaving your complexion looking youthful and invigorated.

Hydrating Vita Balance Facial: This intensive moisturising facial will leave your complexion looking relaxed and your skin feeling supple and soft to the touch.

Purifying Perfect Combination Facial : A facial that restores balance to oily or combination skin leaving it looking fresh and rosy, clear and matt. Blemishes are reduced, and pores are refined.

Calming Sensitive Facial : Enjoy the experience of gentle care for your sensitive skin. The calming sensitive facial calms irritated, stressed skin and intensively regenerates the body’s own protective mechanisms.

Specialised Facials

Advanced Biogen Intensive Facial : An intensive anti-ageing treatment for the skin, injecting the skin with moisture and providing powerful, lifting regeneration with anti-oxidant properties.

Vitamin C Complex Facial : Invigorate and strengthen your skin with the concentrated power of vitamins, which assist to lighten pigment marks and give your complexion a smooth and even appearance.

Argan Facial: This triple-action treatment builds up and firms the skin’s supportive structure from the inside for youthfully firm, significantly smoother skin and a fresh rosy complexion.

Energizing Oxygen : Special carriers with a time-release mechanism deliver oxygen right down to the deepest layers of your skin, intensively boosting energy levels in the skin cells, with long lasting effect.

Anti-Ageing HSR® Lifting Facial: A luxurious anti-ageing facial designed to combat all signs of skin ageing; fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity, leaving your skin feeling smoother, firmer and younger.

Anti-Ageing Pure Facial: A targeted facial for problematic, mature skin to treat blemishes, treat acne and oily skin.

Young Adult Spa

A skincare range to target blemishes, treat acne and oily skin and is suitable for any age.

Pure Face: Rebalances the skin, leaves complexion refined and refreshed.

Express Facial: An effective refining facial for those on the go.

Pure Back: A back cleansing treatment to clarify and refine the skin.

 Add-on Facial Treatments

Beauty Fluids: Babor’s unique Beauty Fluids are instant beautifiers, pure powerhouses of highly concentrated active ingredients. Moisture, Regeneration, Anti-ageing, Detoxifying, Balancing and MultiVitamin.

Beauty Fluid Moisture Boost: Instant beauty, hydration and revitalisation.

Sensational Eye Pads: Combats puffiness, dark circles and lines around the eye area.

Collagen Fleece Mask: Combats fine lines and wrinkles and tones the skin.

Firming Algae Facial Mask: Lifts, plumps and improves lymph drainage of the skin.

Dr Babor Facial Treatments

The ideal treatments for pre/post- operative cosmetic surgery or as an alternative.

Skin Renewal Treatment: Focusing on intense skin renewal & deep balance.

Ultimate Face Lifting: Ideal alternative to surgery.

Regenerative Post/Preparatory Treatment: Care and repair of tissue in need.

Cooling Post-Treatment: Your first choice for post-operative care.

Detoxifying Vitamin Treatment: Immediate health deep within skin layers.

Dr Babor is available at Amani Spa: Hyatt Regency Johannesburg (Rosebank), Crowne Plaza, The Rosebank, Radisson Blu, Waterfront Cape Town.