Amani Signature Spa Treatments

Amani Signature Spa Treatments

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Discover your kurhula, “inner peace” as you indulge in our signature holistic body ritual.
This unique full body massage using our signature organic coconut oil, flows into a revitalising mini facial bringing balance to your body, mind and soul.

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Experience the restorative and energising quality of the crystals, warm oils and flowing movements, which work together to rapidly reduce muscle tension in the body.
This deluxe treatment balances your energies, releases emotional stress and leaves you with a feeling of complete relaxation and wellbeing.

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Enjoy the ultimate hydrotherapy journey, a luxurious experience that cleanses, detoxifies and hydrates your skin, leaving it radiant and soft to the touch.

• VICHY SHOWER: Strong stream of water rinses off the salt body polish.
• CALDARIUM: For a steam cocoon experience to detoxify the body.
• KNEIPP: Alternating hot and cold foot therapy to improve circulation.
• SAUNA: Dry, hot room inducing perspiration, assisting to rid body toxins.
• AROMA MIST: Revitalising you in cool scented mist.
• SENSATION SHOWER: An energising shower with various pressure settings.

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